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E-Taxes gives you the opportunity to have the benefits of belonging to a ‘franchise’, without entering into the prohibitive terms that that commitment entails; Such as the ‘high initial cost’, ‘long-term contractual tie’, or ‘delivering a percentage of your business profit’.

With a minimum investment, E-Taxes puts at your disposal the use of a brand whose graphic art and prestige has been recognized in the industry in recent years, joins you to a network of promotion and marketing of height, gives you the best support Technician through the best service bureau and puts within your reach the ‘continuing education’ that is required of all staff who stands out in the contributory world.

No one is above the E-Taxes team in specialized tax matters such as Foreign Tax Credit, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Non-Resident Aliens, Dual Status Taxpayers. ‘Excluded Income from Puerto Rico Sources’ and other vital issues.

Carefully evaluate the alternatives offered by E-Taxes and select the one that best fits your interest to expand your business and raise it to a higher level than it is today.

Contact us today … !!! We are eager to listen to your needs and contribute our experience to benefit your company.

We offer tax professionals the winning combination of quality software and unsurpassed bilingual customer service.  We are committed to keeping you informed of changes in the industry and tax law, and to seeking a comprehensive solution for your business.

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