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To all our customers:


          For the next Tax season, your needs are our priority. That is why  we have expanded and improved our team Technical and Tax support. 

We now have the most prepared team 24 /7 working for you. Below is a brief description of who will be entirely at your disposal.


Gloribel Noriega


Graduated with a Finance Degree, and soon developed a passion for tax law. Gloribel worked eight years as a Internal Revenue Agent for the IRS. She founded Tax Education Group in 1999. Since then, Gloribel has become the first provider of Technical  support for TaxWise users.  With that knowledge, management expertise and widespread use of TaxWise in Puerto Rico,  Gloribel has become Founder and President of Taxes of PR in 2005. Since then she has been a business advisor  leading all her clients to success

Neville Ortiz

Tax Profesional

For 18 years he served as ‘Tax Law Specialist’ for the IRS building up an impressive experience as an instructor and provider of direct assistance to US citizens in embassies, consulates, military bases and entities of the Federal Government abroad. Having played in over sixty cities around the world and considering him ‘master teacher’ at the Internal Revenue Service, collaborates with Tax Education Group since 1999 and now puts his knowledge at your disposal to provide the ‘contributory support’ they need.

Glorimar Castro

Project Manager

BS Computer Enginee

 BS Computer Science

Her vast knowledge in the field of Information Technology adds modernization and development potential to our team of ‘support’. As a contributor to Tax Education  Group and user of TaxWise since 2004,  she now provides ‘customer support’ to all of our customers. Glorimar expertise its here to serve you.                           



Eymirian Berrios


Excellent administrative assistant Tax Education Group since 1999, evolving her performance provider customer support, account manager and tax preparer in Taxes of PR and E-tax en Familia, our prestigious brand. Today, Eymirian puts her experienceto serve you at our support team.

Fabiola Delgado

Marketing Manager

With a Degree in International Trade and Management on Digital Marketing and Social Media, working with E-taxes order to create advertising campaigns that will lead to success.  We will work with the team members and customers to determine the best and most creative ways to advertise our products and/or services. 

Janire Castro


Her goal is to assist our customers in their growth and development by constructing meaningful plans which are compatible with their business goals. By successfully managing the team, she is in charge of designing and implementing a strategic that expands our customer growth and their satisfaction.

Yennifer Rosales

Account Manager

Technician in advertising that will be on the lookout for our customers to help with the process validations with the IRS and the Banking Product. Our team brings extensive experience in marketing to help our customers in their processes and increase customer advocacy.

Angy Rosales

Account Manager

With a Degree in Business Administration, new in our team  providing customer support in all processes, validations with the IRS and Bank products, ensure that our clients are always up to date with the installation and updates of our federal TaxWise program.

Gustavo Delgado

Technical Support

He brings his knowledge as a computer technician on our team ‘technical support’ from 2017.

Soeli Llinas

Technical Support

Computer engineering student, computer technician and customer support of Tax Wise since 2014. Her performance as ‘account manager’ and ‘support experience’ will  reach our support team.

Sarah Couto

Technical Support

She has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a major in computer programming. She has served as technical computer since 2017  and has given us ‘support’ for the Tax Wise program

Humberto Blanco

Technical Support

He graduated as a Systems Engineer in 2008 and since 2017  gives us his experience as a computer technician on our team ‘support.’

Felipe Arrechedera

Technical Support

He specializes in network engineering and supplier of ‘support’ TaxWise for more than one year of experience. He brings his knowledge as a computer technician to our team ‘technical support’ from 2017.

Victor Graterol

Software Development

With a degree in Computer & Information enters our new team of E-taxes as a computer programmer. Contributing with his talent and experience our new development projects of computer platforms we will be offering.

Elias Diaz

Software Development

He has a degree in Computer Science Technical in Social Management and contribute with his expertise to the development of computer platforms that E-taxes will be developed for you.

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